What do Caregivers Do?

The aim of in-home caregivers in San Diego is to ensure that seniors and the elderly are compassionately cared for and be given assistance for any activity or task that they need to accomplish. Caregivers typically provide the following services:

Personal Care Assistance

  1. Assistance with personal hygiene tasks, such showering & taking sponge baths, as well as oral care (brushing teeth, flossing, and the like)
  2. Assistance with personal grooming tasks like brushing hair and shaving
  3. Physical transfer of client from bed to wheelchair and vice versa, as needed
  4. Assistance with bathroom activities such as getting onto/off the toilet and providing care for incidences of incontinence
  5. Provision of encouragement for and companionship during physical exercises, according to the client’s needs and capabilities
  6. Commitment to professionally assist their clients with personal growth

Health Care

  1. Regular monitoring and checking of vital signs, such as the senior’s blood pressure, temperature, and pulse
  2. Assistance with remembering and taking any over-the-counter/prescribed medications as directed
  3. Provision of general first aid and healthcare management, such as the treatment of bed sores or assistance with skin care
  4. Documentation of any healthcare provided to the client
  • Any incidences affecting the client’s physical well-being or any changes in the client’s mental or emotional states are reported right away to the homecare agency as well as the client’s family. Examples of such incidences and changes are, but not limited to:
  • A significant increase or decrease in blood pressure
  • A significant increase or decrease in blood sugar levels
  • Injuries sustained during a fall
  • Burns, skin tears, the development of sores and/or redness of the skin
  • Sudden weakness
  • Vomiting or the development of a fever
  • Unexplained bleeding
  • Diarrhea
  • Any incidence of hallucination or noticeable confusion by the client
  • Sudden/Unexplainable swelling on any part of the body

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