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1. To rid your hands of germs, you should use the hottest water you can stand.
2. When using an antibacterial household cleaner, it is important to follow the specific directions on the container.
3. Putting laundry in a dryer for ten minutes kills any germs that may be present.
4. If needles are recapped, they may be tossed into the household trash.
5. If you notice rodents or insects in a client's home, you should:
6. The kitchen sponge is one of the dirtiest items in a house.
7. To keep your client safe from food-borne bacteria, you should:
8. People with weakened immune systems are at risk for catching an infection from their pets.
9. Most infections are caught by touching germs on door knobs and other dirty objects.
10. The outside of your purse or client care bag is probably home to as many germs as the bottom of your shoes.