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1. Clients have the right to confidentiality as stated in the:
2. Someone who breaches confidentiality may be:
3. Your client is complaining of chest pains. You call 911 on his behalf. The operator begins asking you questions about his medical history, you should:
4. The best place to discuss your clients with other co-workers is:
5. Breach of confidentiality is when a client acknowledges and allows the release of information to other parties.
6. You don't have the right to know if a particular client is HIV positive.
7. It's okay to discuss your client’s health status with people who are directly involved in the clients care.
8. The HITECH Act of 2009 decreased the fines and penalties for HIPPA violations.
9. If you use a computer or a chart, you should always log off before leaving the computer.
10. A copy of the client's care plan is considered confidential information.