Understanding Dementia Quiz

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1. Dementia is a:
2. Every day, around 4:30 pm, your client with dementia becomes agitated and restless. It's difficult to get him to settle down. You should:

Your client with dementia just flew into a rage for no apparent reason, you should:

4. The most common cause of dementia is heart disease.
5. Dementia cannot be prevented.
6. You should limit clothing choices for clients with dementia.
7. Always feed clients with dementia in the dining room where they can participate in social interactions.
8. Most cases of dementia are permanent and get worse over time.
9. Clients with dementia tend to wander or get lost in familiar places when their dementia is in the"severe" stage.
10. The best example of a mental activity is:
11. For many elderly, the largest source of social support, aside from family is: