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1. For most people, being able to do ADLs means holding on to:
2. Tub baths place clients at higher risk for:
3. You transfer your client to the bedside commode, place toilet tissue and the call bell (if available) within easy reach. Next you should:
4. A partial bed bath means you wash the face, hands underarms and:
5. No matter what level of support your client needs, the best thing you can do is to complete all the ADLs for him so he won't get too tired.
6. When transferring from bed to chair, place the chair of the client’s strong side.
7. Dentures should be removed and washed thoroughly once a week.
8. When feeding confused clients, it’s best to load up the fork and go as quickly as possible.
9. You should always document what you think your client can do on his own, even if you had to help him.
10. Most people need their hair washed every day.