Understanding Elder Abuse Quiz

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1. You witness your client giving another Aide her login and password to her online bank account. You should:
2. Abused children are often abused by:
3. An elderly person may not report being abused because they are:
4. During a bath, you notice your client has some bruises on her arms and legs. She tells you it happened when another Aide bathed her too roughly. You should:
5. Giving a client the "silent treatment" is a form of emotional abuse.
6. It's okay to accept a gift of money from a client, as long as it is for a job well done.
7. It's not technically abuse if a client is abused by another resident in the facility.
8. You should never accuse a co-worker of abuse. This can be harmful to the reputation of your employer.
9. A nursing assistant can be charged with negligence for failing to report abuse.
10. Abuse is most likely to happen when people are stressed.