About Us

San Diego Compassionate Caregivers, Inc. is an independent, non-medical, in-home care agency, founded on over twenty years of experience in working with people of all ages, who require compassionate care. We are not a franchise; therefore, we have the flexibility and freedom to:

  • design a care plan that’s completely personalized and truly the best fit.
  • provide continuation service within the San Diego area should you or your loved one relocate during your care plan.
  • care for our caregivers in a way that ensures low turnover and continuity of care.
  • we treat every client as family and view every service as a privilege and honor.

Our Story

Owners, Eva and Donna

We started our business with the simple concept that all seniors want to and deserve to stay fully engaged in life for as long as possible. They have their dreams, hopes and needs just like everybody else and like everybody else they have every right to pursue those dreams. This concept is not some abstract idea. For us, it is more than real as it resulted from the very personal experience.

Having been raised in Eastern Europe, we grew up in multi-generational families, where our aging grandparents were a vital part of the family. Eva finished law school in Poland and after moving to the US, she worked in the legal field on the East Coast, helping clients in the area of family law. Donna, a social worker from Poland, worked with seniors in Poland prior to her arrival in the US and then was a director of a non profit organization in Atlanta. She dedicated herself to helping women who were victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.

When our paths crossed, we both had something in common: our elderly parents were sick at the time and needed assistance. The experience was difficult and emotional and it took some time before we finally realized that all our parents needed a lot of love but also some action from us regarding organizing their everyday care. Once we came to that realization we were able to take best care of our loved ones. This was the most fulfilling experience we could have had. It also became an inspiration as we discovered that we really wanted to continue on that journey. That is when we decided to start San Diego Compassionate Caregivers. A service that helps seniors to stay independent in spite of some challenges and enjoy their lives in the comfort of their own homes.

We care for our clients with compassion and dignity. We believe that every human being should have a sense of purpose and a right to have a joyful, fulfilling life regardless of limitations. We want our clients to feel alive, engaged and as much independent as possible. Most of our clients are seniors, however we also work with veterans, people who got out of the hospital and need some temporary help as well as people who have experienced a high level of injury such as spinal cord injury. We always see a person first as we understand that every individual is different and has unique needs.

That is where our philosophy comes from and that is how we strive to treat our clients.

When we are not taking care of others through our business, we like to travel, read, spend time with our friends and families and volunteer with the local hospice.

Our Mission Statement

San Diego Compassionate Caregivers, Inc. is committed to individualized care for our clients. We have a team of licensed, bonded caregivers who perform their duties with a solid commitment to compassion, the highest-quality assistance, dependability, friendliness, and respect. Our caregivers will be treated as family and will treat San Diego Compassionate Caregivers clients as their family.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for seniors by allowing them to enjoy the privacy and comfort of their own home for as long as possible while maintaining their independence. We provide caregivers who will perform duties with utmost, quality, reliability, compassion and who truly fit the individual needs of the client.

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