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Adjusting to Living in the “New Normal”

As things are slowly reopening and “going back to normal”, should precautions still be taken when going out into the world? The answer is yes. “Conditions are improving in some of the country’s major cities, but outbreaks continue to grow in others,” therefore the risk of contracting COVID-19 remains. Some states have fully lifted their COVID-19 quarantine policy, however there is no certainty that the virus is fully defeated. On the contrary, some states like Texas have “reported 1,789 new cases” and thus “have dramatically increased testing.” Now is not the time to let our guard down, we must continue taking the proper measure to ensure the safety of our beloved seniors.

Is it Safe for Seniors to go Outside?

Seniors should continue practicing social-distancing and refraining from going out. The virus is still out there and so is the risk of infection. Additionally, since seniors are the most high at risk group for contracting COVID-19, they should not quit taking proper safety measures during this time. If a senior must leave their home, they should continue wearing a face mask, gloves, and keeping an alcohol-based hand sanitizer close by. It is also smart to keep human face-to-face interaction to a minimum. If the senior misses their family or friends, they should video chat or call them instead of seeing them in person.

Restaurants and Take-Out Food

Like everyone in this world, there is no doubt that seniors love going out to eat at their favorite restaurant. However, it is not a good idea to eat out during this time. Even though many restaurants have reopened and might be taking proper safety measures, there is still a high chance of contracting the virus. For instance, if a person working at the restaurant is infected, they will spread the disease to the individuals consuming the food. Instead of eating out, it might be a good idea to have a family member or even the senior themselves cook. There are countless recipes online with many healthier and even tastier food that the majority of restaurants out there serve!

Staying Positive

It can be very easy to feel down during these times however keeping positive is very important. There many things that a senior could do if they are not feeling bright. Dancing is always a sure thing to raise the spirits! Have the senior put on their favorite song and break out some moves. They can even video call their friends and families and dance with them through the internet. Another great activity is to grab a piece of paper and write down ten things that they are grateful for. There is just something about the feeling of gratefulness that instantly boosts the mood. Yoga is also a fun activity that calms and strengthens the mind. Have the senior sit on the floor, close their eyes, and inhale deeply while exhaling for a count of 10. Have them repeat this 10 times and they should feel much more relaxed and rejuvenated.