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Seniors and Technology

Now is the best time for seniors to incorporate technology into their daily lives. With the pandemic going on and seniors being the highest at-risk group, using technology while staying at home can be very beneficial. Despite the fact that “older adults are embracing technology more than ever” there is still “at least one older person who can barely text” or use the internet itself. Additionally, using the internet whilst quarantining at home gives seniors access to the web world and provides a form of entertainment.

Gaining Confidence with Technology

Older lady with computer

There are many things that seniors can do to get more comfortable with using technology. The first being, reading the manual. Every device purchased comes with an instruction manual which provides information on how it works and the features it comes with. Reading this booklet allows the senior to become familiar with their device and know all the functions. This in turn will eliminate any anxiety and make it more probable that the senior will use their technology efficiently. Additionally with this newfound knowledge, seniors will be able to use the internet in new ways and be able to communicate with their friends.

Benefits of the Internet
There are many benefits to using the internet that might not be known to seniors. For instance, the internet opens the door to millions of websites containing valuable information on any topic. This allows individuals to research and gain insight on anything that they please. In addition, seniors will be able to take online courses and learn something they might have always wanted to from the convenience of their own homes. Another added benefit to the internet is the ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere. With their newfound technological abilities, seniors can set up a social media account and reach out to old friends.

Social Media
Before joining a social media platform, it would be wise to remind the senior about some very important things. Firstly, they must never give out their social security or credit card numbers to anyone. There are many hackers online that try to steal identities or others’ money that need to be steered clear of. They might go as far as to tell the individual that they have won a prize and can only claim it by giving out their address or credit card numbers. Do not believe them!

Online Gaming
Another fun activity to participate in online is gaming. This is especially true if the senior has any young grandchildren who love to play games online. It would be a great idea for the senior to play online with their grandchildren and even better for the senior to engage their grandchild in online games such as chess or checkers. Nowadays, many adolescents and young adults play violent online games that do not benefit them in the real world. By playing chess online with their grandchildren, the seniors would be educating and teaching them some very valuable skills. Plus, both the senior and grandchild would share a fun time.