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The Move Towards Normality

Finally! Things are starting to re-open and life is slowly returning to normal. This might be enough for some to ditch their mask and call it a day with social distancing and hand sanitizer. That however, would not be wise. Just because COVID cases are steadily decreasing in some areas, does not mean that we should stop protecting ourselves. Coronavirus is still out there and we must continuing doing everything we can to prevent its spread.

Facilities Not Requiring Masks

Even though it may be difficult to believe, some states such as Texas have ended their statewide mask mandate. This led to many local businesses no longer requiring masks upon entry into their facilities. Although this sounds like a good thing, it is far from it. Not wearing masks in an enclosed space makes it easy for the infected to spread the virus to others, such as seniors. During this time, seniors should avoid places not requiring masks, especially if they are buildings or other closed-in spaces. Even if the senior still wears a mask, they are in danger of contracting the virus because of those who are not wearing theirs.

Social Gatherings

As some states have fully opened back up, many of their regulations have changed tremendously, such as social gatherings. Whereas before several states implemented the rule of social gatherings being limited to only 6-10 individuals, with safety measures being taken, now there seems to be no set limit. In Texas social gatherings can have as many guests as they like, granted that they follow the 6ft physical distancing. Those participating in the social event/gathering are also not required to wear their masks. It is also important to note that social gathering requirements vary greatly from state to state. To better understand your state’s new rules and regulations, check the website ​www.northstarmeetingsgroup.com​.

To Quarantine Or Not To Quarantine

Even though many have ended their period of self-quarantine with things
“returning back to normal,” it would be beneficial for individuals in the high-risk group such as seniors or those with underlying conditions to stay put. Quarantining at home would provide optimal protection as many in the outside world have stopped wearing their masks and/or practicing the 6ft social distancing. Even if the senior does go out while wearing their mask, they can still become infected since others are not wearing their face coverings. The best thing for seniors would be to remain quarantined, continue their sanitary habits, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Staying Positive

As always, it is very important to remain positive, especially during uncertain times. Whether seniors have gotten their COVID-19 vaccine or are still on the waitlist, a good mindset will definitely improve the circumstances. Doing things one enjoys such as reading a good book or baking is a sure way to lift the mood. For others, it might be having someone to talk to such as their friend or loved one. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure, thinking positively never hurt anyone.